Keith Hart

Writer and Teacher in Paris, France

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Hey there, I’m Keith. I’m a writer living with my family in Paris, France with a second home in Durban, South Africa. You can visit my website with a click on the button above. My main interactive collection is 250 papers posted at .

I have just completed Self in the World: Connecting Life's Extremes, published by Berghahn Books in March 2022 as a trade paperback ($30/£24) and e-book.

I grew up in Manchester and studied at Cambridge University. I became an anthropologist by training and an amateur economist by inclination. I contributed the idea of an informal economy to Development Studies. Apart from my academic career, I have worked as a consultant, journalist, publisher and gambler.

I started out studying classical languages and literature and went on to explore Atlantic society from the point of view of Africans in West Africa, North America, the Caribbean, Britain, France and South Africa. I have worked in 24 countries and taught in a score of universities on four continents, for the longest time in Cambridge University.

I have exchanged the life of a globetrotting academic for one as a writer of general interest books and as a network entrepreneur in the social media.

The scene above is a bead game in Accra, Ghana played during the 1970s.

  • Education
    • St John's College, Cambridge