Keith Hart

Writer and Teacher in Paris, France

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Hey there, I’m Keith. I’m a writer living in Paris, France with a second home in Durban, South Africa. I like music, math, movies and movement; but my obsessions are writing and politics. You can visit my website with a click on the button above.

I grew up in Manchester near United's ground in Old Trafford and went to Manchester Grammar School. I later became an anthropologist by training and a self-taught economist of a non-standard kind. Apart from my academic career (I am now semi-retired), I have worked as a consultant, journalist, publisher and gambler.

I started out studying classical languages and literature and went on to explore Atlantic society from the point of view of Africans in West Africa, North America, the Caribbean, Britain, France and South Africa. I have taught in a score of universities on both sides of the Atlantic, for the longest time in Cambridge University.

My books since the millennium (including with collaborators) are The Memory Bank: Money in an Unequal World (2000); The Hit Man's Dilemma: Or Business Personal and Impersonal (2005); Market and Society: The Great Transformation Today (2009); The Human Economy: A Citizen’s Guide (2010); Economic Anthropology: History, Ethnography, Critique (2011); People, Money and Power in the Economic Crisis (2014); Economy For and Against Democracy (2015); and Money in a Human Economy (2017).

Partly as a result of a health crisis, I have exchanged the life of a globetrotting academic for one as a writer of general interest books and a network entrepreneur through the social media.

I have two books on the back burner: on Africa's future and a science fiction murder mystery. But I am now writing about my own attempts to defeat alienation, Self in the World: The Examined Life.

My life is defined by the poles of solitary writing and world travel. In this I am sustained by my family and by the virtual society in my laptop. My dad taught me that life is a game we must learn to play well. The scene above is a bead game in Accra, Ghana played during the 1970s.

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    • St John's College, Cambridge